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First sessions are focused on assessment: the visual and hands-on exploration of the unique movement, structure, texture and energetic signature of your body. In this first investigation, we create a moving, multidimensional map of your body as I perceive it and, more importantly, as you experience it. 

The ongoing process of assessment is a lot like peeling an onion: nonlinear and unpredictable, as contact with each layer reveals the next perfect point of contact. What I'm looking for is a clear sense of four main areas of interest and how they interact:

1. Your biochemistry: the health of your body at a cellular level

2. Your structure, according to your particular combination of flexibility and strength

3. Scar tissue from any previous injuries that binds your body’s free movement and flow of energy 

4. Emotional armoring, or any physical constrictions you experience that are holding emotional memory.  

In looking for what’s moving and what’s not moving in your body, what's on the surface and what's beneath, we come to a sense of what the first layer offering itself up to our attention might be. This is where we begin. 


What I offer draws on more than a decade of continual training and experience in a wide range of modalities as well as thousands of hours on the table with an amazing variety of people. The work has grown into a responsive, flexible combination of soft tissue release, structural alignment, TCM-based meridian and point manipulation, Biodynamic Craniosacral Work, pregnancy and postnatal massage, scar tissue remediation, aromatherapy, chakra therapy and somatic-emotional release. There is no template, and no two sessions are the same. 

As I meet the body with my hands, the client meets and guides me with breath, attention, and verbal feedback, and together we work to liberate what’s stuck and witness what wants to be known. 

I recognize the physical body as the soul manifest in material form. As such, it’s an honor to be given such intimate access, and my work is to show up with the skill, presence, deep respect and unconditional love that such honest revelation rightly deserves. 

Within the first session, the connection between myself and the client clarifies. If we both wish to continue to work together, we make a plan. To all of my regular clients, I offer continuing guidance in planning and monitoring the progress of an in-depth healing strategy. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions - this is the peeling of the onion in action - and I maintain a referral network of therapists and other healing professionals in order to be able to recommend trusted and capable specialists to clients for additional support as needed.

I am stoked to work with humans of all sexes, gender identifications and orientations. 

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