My Story & bodywork philosophy

So, who am I? And, what is this Zen Den all about?

I am Becky Lavers. That's me up ^ there hanging out by the North Shore of Nova Scotia. I am a bodyworker, a mother, and an educator. I love being in the forests, swimming in the ocean, playing with wild & free humans, dancing under the full moon, and am committed to staying present to myself through life's abundant joys and deep valleys.


I experienced emotional and physical trauma in my youth (as likely did you), that introduced me to the pain felt within and on this earth. Ever since I've been a seeker. My work as a bodyworker and educator began as the silver lining of exploring and transforming my own wounds.


I've always longed for deep, meaningful conversations. I've always wanted to make the world a better place. I am inspired at the possibility of bringing ease to others, and am always amazed at the healing potential of human beings. I love hearing how other people have moved through life's hard shit. For me healing has always been a community effort. I myself have been vulnerable on many practitioners tables, in rooms full of yoga mats, or alone by the ocean. 

Body-based therapy has brought me face to face with the presence of emotion on lockdown in my body, and then taught me to witness the tectonic shifts that occur when that energy is brought to consciousness and given permission to move. Bodywork has demonstrated to me over and over that body and mind are inextricable, that the body never lies, and that our fundamental act as intelligent animals is to give and receive love. Yoga and meditation have cracked open my perceptions, handed me the reins to myself, and showed me the true extent of my malleability as an ordinary human being.

Over and over again, those three things have brought me back to myself, alive and whole. My gratitude has become fascination and I push myself to be better and know more. 

So, what does a “session” with me look like?


It will be a conversation that leads to me becoming more conscious of where you are looking for more space within your body, because that is where your body is asking for your attention, whether through physical pain or because of emotional dis-harmony.  

I recognize the physical body as the soul manifest in material form. As such, it’s an honor to be given such intimate access. My work is to show up with the skill, presence, deep respect and unconditional love that such honest revelation rightly deserves. 

The goal of my work is twofold: to hold a deeply grounded, honest space for the people who get on my table to know and feel that they are whole, that are absolutely capable of transformation, and that they have total authority over their own experience - and then to meet them with the skill, subtlety, intuition, and courage to accurately read and explore with them the places in their bodies where they are asking for help. 

There is no template, and no two sessions will ever be the same. 

This work is appropriate for anyone who is in a body, on earth, at this time. 

I am stoked to work with humans of all sexes, gender identifications and orientations.

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