The Zen Den

becky lavers, Rmt

The Zen Den is a healing space I've created out of my home.

I am a massage therapist and educator. I have been working with individuals and communities for more than 15 years. I am a chronic pain specialist skilled in massage, craniosacral therapy, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, acupuncture, cupping and energy medicines. 

I've held on to bodies that share stories in deeply profound and subtle ways. What I've learned is that It doesn't matter why we show up for healing opportunities, it only matters that we do. I have found it to be such a privilege to bare witness to those who show up for themselves in such a meaningful way,  it has been deeply moving. 

The goal of my work is twofold: to hold a deeply grounded, honest space for the people who get on my table to know and feel that they are whole, that are absolutely capable of transformation, and that they have total authority over their own experience - and then to meet them with the skill, subtlety, intuition, and courage to accurately read and explore with them the places in their bodies where they are asking for help. 

My intention is to create a simple, loving space where you have the potential to restore yourself. 

My work combines many hands-on modalities which brings together a broad array of techniques and more than a decade in practice working with a huge diversity of people. No two sessions are alike. 


My work is rooted in the dynamics of active consent, collaboration, and openness to outcome. Free from expectations and respected for its deep intelligence, the body can move in its own time toward its ultimate expression of vitality, freedom, and clarity. I am with you as a witness to your absolute wisdom, a guide through your transformation, and a friend rooting for your awesome fulfillment.

What people are saying

"Becky has helped me deepen the conversation with my body. It is easy to find someone who can push energy around for me. Not so easy to find someone who can facilitate a body conversation that supports the flow to unfold on its own. The first can result in dependence on the practitioner. The second fosters deep learning, growing and healing! How do I know? I've experienced it all over decades of working with -and learning from- various body issues, including two cancer diagnoses. Becky has become a trusted and valued member of my health team.  I can't recommend her enough if you want an ally in the journey of learning what your body has to say and what wisdom it can share with you in this life. " K.L.
Becky’s intuitive care always seems to be exactly what I need. As her practiced, capable hands work their magic, her calm and peaceful space breathes quietly, “Relax, love. I’ve got you”. A.W.
"Following a traumatic motor vehicle accident I was fortunate to be connected with Becky Lavers RMT. Being invited into Becky's space you instantly sense her love of family and nature. Her calm energy and vast knowledge of the human body offers a safe environment where your mind, body and spirit are given the opportunity to seek nourishment and healing." S.O.
"I have been seeing Becky for almost a year now and she is just a delight. I have found we connected on a level that really allows her to understand what I need in my treatments. I look forward to my time healing in her sanctuary of an office as often as possible. I would highly recommend her services." A.V.
"Becky has been a blessing in my life for over a year now. My life has been changed by the encouragement of this wonderful influential woman in ways I never thought possible. As a fellow massage therapist, I look forward to my treatments with Becky as I learn how to apply stillness to my life and practice. Becky has the ability to give me the deep tissue massage treatment my body needs and the energetic reset my mind needs. I always leave feeling "full". She gives me that comfortable atmosphere to unwind in and I look forward to each treatment because I learn a little more about myself each time I leave her hands. PM-RMT
"I will forever be thankful and grateful for all Becky Lavers did for me during my miscarriage and all throughout my second pregnancy, not to mention all the days before, in between and after. You have an amazing talent Becky, and your passion for well-being & contentment is truly contagious. You are pure in your practice and have truly helped me heal and be able to maintain and thrive I anxiously look forward to my next appointment. Thanks B" C.B.
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